Alexey Morosov was born in Frunze (USSR) in 1974.
Graduated from the Faculty of Sculpture in V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute
(studio of the academician Leo Kerbel) in 1999
Member of RAA (Russian Academy of Arts) Presidium since 2014
Lives and works in Lucca (Italy)
Alexey Morosov’s works can be found among the collection of the State Russian Museum., St.Petersburg,
Museum of New Academy of Fine Arts St. Petersburg, and in important corporative and private collections.

“…Works by Alexey Morosov are a kind of bridge between traditional (and paradoxically attractive) ideas of sculpture which is harmonic and transparent; and modern ideas of sculpture which is conceptual-analytical and polemic in its character…”
Alexander Borovsky
Art critic, curator, head of the Modern Trends Section,
the State Russian Museum
St.Petersburg/ Russia

“…Integrating it and directing its transition towards contemporary iconography, without derogating from the hieratic nature of the historical significance.
Bronze, like other “classic” materials facilitate this type of experimentation, of iconographic “transition” and integration between manual labour and technological intervention.
Morosov, as already mentioned, imposes a syncretic strategy also applied to the use of materials, combining “classic” media with technological materials of an industrial nature, as illustrated by the works on display…”

Alessandro Romanini
Art critic, scientific committee president of Foundation Raghianti Lucca/ Italy

“…Alexey Morosov revisits multiple and diverse traditions, fusing the linguistic and iconographic sources – maintaining a balance between adhesion and irony and insinuating bold and unexpected “distractions” – with intentions, signs and themes of a distinctly contemporary nature, while also leading us to reflect on the need, repeatedly manifested throughout history, to elect past models and to express ourselves…”
Paolo Giulerini
Curator, Director of Naples National Archaeological Museum
Naples/ Italy


“PONTIFEX_MAXIMVS/ le stanze”, Art project of Alexey Morosov. MMOMA, Moscow 2017
“PONTIFEX_MAXIMVS”, Art project of Alexey Morosov. Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, Naples, 2016
“ANTROPOMAKHIA”, Art project of Alexey Morosov.Istanbul Contemporary, Istanbul, 2015
“PONTIFEX_MAXIMVS_preview”, Art project of Alexey Morosov. 6th Moscow biennale of contemporary art. VDNKH, Moscow, 2015
“ANTROPOMAKHIA”, Art project of Alexey Morosov. Cosmoscow, Moscow, 2015
“Cantata_iTunes”, Art project of Alexey Morosov. Homofarber, CAV, Pietrasanta,Italy, 2015
“MOROSOV_MMXIV”., Heritage Gallery, Moscow, 2014
“ART-STAGE” 11.12 Gallery, Singapore, 2013
“CARIATIDE SUPERSONIC” Piazza Bra, Verona, 2013
“SERENITAS” Art Moscow. Alexey Morosov’s sculpture from private collections, Moscow, 2012
“ANTOLOGIA” The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, 2011-2012
“BASILICA” Art Moscow. Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2010
“PRAETORIA X” Art Moscow. Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2009
“MOROZOV MANUFAKTURING” Moscow World Fine Art Fair. Manege, Moscow, 2007
“ERICHO” Moscow World Fine Art Fair. Manege, Moscow, 2006
“Craft Deco Classic” D137 Gallery, St Petersburg, 2003
“Craft Deco Academic» New Academy, St Petersburg, 2003
“MAGOS” Vicenza, Italy, 2002
“MITRA SUPER” jointly with the New Academy. Manege, Moscow, 2000
«II Biennale of Contemporary Art» Okhta Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists, St Petersburg, 1992